Healthy Suction Vacuum Cupping Set Body Massage Therapy 12pcs

 Hijama Cupping Box 12 Pcs

This vacuum cupping package, which combines traditional Chinese medicine and contemporary technology, is a ground-breaking and exceptional device for clinical treatment and self-health care at home. The procedure is practical, secure, and effective. The device reduces the disadvantages of traditional cupping therapy to a minor annoyance by changing the air dissipating by fire to air exhaust by suction and burning readily, with no protection, limited treatment locations, and a narrow range of uses. allowing for localized congestion to be brought on by the cupping system sucking on the body’s surface acupoints, which can promote free passage in human channels and collaterals, banish wind-evil, wetness-evil, banish cold-evil, remove toxins, and enhance the human body.

Model Number 12 pcs
Instrument classification Class I
Material Plastic
Color Transparent
Logo Customized Logo
Quantity of cups 12 pcs
Properties Chinese Medicine Apparatus
Type Cupping Cup
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